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Cheryl L. Ring

visual artist

Cheryl L. Ring works out of HeartSpace Studio, a commercial space in Prince Albert, SK, Canada.  Cheryl is an eclectic and dynamic artist whose work has been recognized locally and internationally.  HeartSpace studio represents a place to grow and connect, allowing makers time to reflect and make sense of their world while creating.  The heart is meaningful to Cheryl for its cultural significance and universally recognizable shape which is entrenched in our psyche as a cultural icon.  The heart and our connection to it signified Cheryl's desire for a kinder, more connected community through art.

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HeartSpace Clay Studio

The heart is culturally significant and universally recognizable and its shape is entrenched in our psyche as a cultural icon.

HeartSpace studio represents a place to grow and connect through the heart and mind.
Cheryl is an eclectic and dynamic artist. She fosters a community of support and nurturing for all who come to the studio.

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